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CS Series

CS Series

CS Series Tipping Hoists – A new generation of Edbro hydraulic tipping hoist equipment to suit rigid truck and trailer tippers worldwide.

The CS range of cylinders is the lightest and most durable range of telescopic cylinders in the world, providing a true “fit and forget” solution to tipping applications.



  • Increased Payloads
    The World’s lightest tipping cylinders providing increased payload and so increased operating profit.
  • Increased Lift Capacity
    Advanced design and production engineering techniques including laser welding provide increased lift capacity.
  • Faster Tipping Speeds
    One piece tube construction and increased tube contact faces allow faster tipping speeds.
  • “Fit and Forget” Cylinder
    Innovative design features combined with the highest quality materials and a unique 3-piece sealing system provide a true “Fit and Forget” cylinder.


For a full list of features go to the Cylinder Technology page.

Base trunnion
Spherical eye
Plain eye

Model Range and Mounting Options

Various mounting options are available including:

  • Cover
  • Trunnion
  • Spherical or plain eye
Model code Lift capacity (t) Max. stroke capacity (mm)
CS07 7-11 3195
CS10 16-22 6209
CS11 17-24 8471
CS13 18-31 8441
CS15 22-45 10527
CS17 24-60 10483
CS18 35-60 10483
CS19 38-70 11545
CS22 67-90 11545

Detailed specification sheets are available. Refer to Edbro to confirm your cylinder choice. An extensive range of cylinder stokes is available to suit each application.

Refer to Edbro for more information.

Hydraulic Kit Solutions

Hydraulic kit solutions available to optimise cylinder performance. For full details check out the Hydraulic Kit Solutions page.



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CS Series 09/2016
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