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Hydraulic Kit Solutions

Hydraulic Kit Solutions

A full catalogue of hydraulic kit solutions is available from Edbro for a range of different applications. Chassis specific tank kits are now available to further customise your application.

Detailed specification sheets of the key kit components are available on request or to download within our Technical Centre.

For further detailed information and to find the optimum solution for your hydraulic kit requirements, please contact your local representative or Edbro .

  • Customised kits to suit specific requirements for the most efficient solution whatever your hydraulic needs
  • Increased payload capacity and productivity with optional lightweight and fast performance kits
  • Reliability and the trustworthy fit and forget Edbro reputation for quality, high performance products
  • Peace of mind with expert application and service engineering back-up from the Edbro team
  • All kit components are performance tried and tested with every item guaranteed to fit and be totally compatible.
  • Specially selected, top quality components combine to produce high performance hydraulic kit solutions
  • Kit solutions to suit a wide range of applications, from tipper and ejector trailer to walking floor and car transporter
  • An extensive catalogue of kit components is available on request, from oil tanks, pumps and hydraulic valves to hoses and adaptors

Complete Kit Concept

The extensive Edbro catalogue includes all the key components needed to ensure the optimum performance of and Edbro kit:


Air Controls

Single and dual operation lightweight and compact controls offer multiple mounting options for flexibility in operation


Hydraulic Valves

The CT range of fully proportional high flow valves with speed control increases safety in lowering and offers lightweight performance


Oil Tanks

An extensive range of side and rear mount oil tanks are available from Edbro in both steel and aluminium for tractor units and rigid trucks to optimise equipment weight



Quality gear and bent axis piston pumps in a range of sizes, designed to an Edbro specification to ensure reliability and further enhance kit performance



Extensive PTO options are available from Edbro to compliment any hydraulic application with expert advice to select the optimum product for your needs

And Everything In Between

In addition to these key components, Edbro also provides all of the pipes and fittings, from high and low pressure hoses to quick release couplings and everything in between. The highest quality kit items are selected when creating our kits, ensuring optimum performance and reliability for each and every application.



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