Edbro is a world leader in the manufacturing of systems, modules and components for commercial vehicles. As global player JOST can guarantee the availability of products, without neglecting the local needs. Customers benefit Edbro‘s knowhow and the presence of JOST World.

Edbro - Member of Enact

Edbro joined Enact in May 2021 marking the beginning of a new chapter in the company’s history. Enact a UK based investment firm are committed to support the expansion of both product lines and markets marking a new chapter in the 100+ year history of Edbro.


Edbro have been leading the hydraulic tipping industry ever since 1916 when the company’s founder Maurice Edwards developed the first ever hoist to be powered by a truck engine. Based on a long-standing tradition of cutting-edge innovation and with over 100 years of industry expertise behind them, Edbro products remain at the forefront of the tipping market, increasing payloads, reducing tipping times and providing “fit and forget” solutions. Located in the UK in the north-west town of Bolton since its very beginnings, Edbro considers its local roots very important. However, with over 75% of cylinders exported around the world, Edbro’s global reputation is second to none.


From an extensive and well-equipped UK manufacturing plant & distribution centre Edbro serves its global customer base through a network of distributors. Jost a key Edbro distribution partner represents the product range throughout Europe with cylinders & parts held on stock at all major Jost locations providing European customers with excellent service and support. Looking further afield Edbro products can be sourced through a range of long-standing business partners with key markets such as the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australasia all well served by stockists.

For a full list of international Edbro partners & service points visit the Edbro Dealer Locator.

Product Range

Edbro is a market leader in on-vehicle hydraulic systems including front end, underbody and ejector cylinders, a full range of hydraulic accessories are also available to compliment the cylinder range and to power various non tipping applications.

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The Edbro tipping cylinder range includes lightweight front end CS hoists for truck and trailer applications, CX combined ram & tank for truck applications from 7.5 tonne, TS twin ram underbody hoists for crane and tipper applications and UB single ram cylinders for underbody tipping & 3-way applications. The CD range of cylinders offers double acting telescopic technology for a range of ejector.

Wet Kits

Edbro offers customised wet kit solutions for a wide range of hydraulic applications, from tipper and walking floor to ejectors and car transporter. Combining specially designed components including hydraulic valves, pneumatic controls, piston pumps, gear pumps, PTOs, oil tanks and all other fittings required for any hydraulic application, Edbro kits are designed to optimise the performance of Edbro cylinders but are also compatible with other cylinder brands.

Customer Support

All Edbro products are designed and built to optimise customer benefits.

  • Lightweight equipment increases operator payload and profitability.
  • The Edbro “fit & forget” promise minimises downtime and increases product durability for extra productivity.
  • The extensive network of specialist spare parts and service agents provide after-sales peace of mind worldwide.
  • Safety comes first in the design of Edbro products, ensuring an optimised working environment with reduced risk of accident.

State of the Art Technology

From cylinder design, using the latest 3D modeling and finite element analysis techniques, to a unique laser welding process used during manufacture, Edbro’s long-standing reputation for innovation ensures the optimum solution to all your cylinder needs.

Unrivalled Quality

Extensive on-line quality control systems are employed throughout the manufacturing process to ensure a “fit & forget” cylinder is produced every time.

Every Edbro cylinder is subjected to a final production test at 150% of maximum pressures.

Engineering Excellence

Edbro offers unrivalled application engineering support and in-depth product knowledge that only comes from decades of industry experience.

Highly skilled engineers can offer the optimum product for your application to maximise operating payload and ensure ultimate safety in operation.

Extensive research combined with testing in the most arduous environments ensures the best on the market for reliability and performance in any situation.

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